Pole to Pole Travel with E. O. Connors

I’m E.O. Connors—writer, photographer, dinner-scorcher

More commonly addressed as Eileen, I was raised on a small sheep farm in Connecticut where there was little money but lots of love and laughter.

I earned bachelor’s degrees in Art History and English Literature from Rutgers University, and a master’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at Harvard Extension School. My work has been published in Lowestoft Chronicle, The Furious Gazelle, Five Minutes, and Dungeon Magazine.

I’ve circled the globe twice, with husband and children in tow, and write about our travel adventures and mishaps to amuse, entertain and facilitate adventures for others.

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Travel Humor, Memoir, and Advice for Migratory Humans with Original Photographs


Writer, Travel Photographer, Dinner-Scorcher